Channel strategy development

So you have an idea or a product or a service and you just know it will sell in the PV industry.  How do you sell it, who do you sell it to or through.  Is distribution right or necessary?  I have been selling products that did not even exist before a channel was ever invented for some PV solutions.  Let's get to selling.

program development

The notion of a PV program is wide open.  Community Solar, for example means many different things to different stakeholders.  Let's define the market, then the program and then captilize on it.

Project Development

The area of expertise known as project development is comprised of an incredible number of areas of expertise.  One company will have a hard time doing "project development" from A to Z or start to finish without finding solutions to help fill in the missing pieces.  If I don't know the answer I know who does.  If I don't know the person, I know somone who knows the person.